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Oil On Canvas

These oil-on-canvas works are symbolic vehicles plainly behaving as art objects, rather than expressive or narrative paintings. Physically, canvas tarpaulins are sliced and sewn together in a Poveric manner with hints of Boro style repairs; and are stretcher-mounted to completion. The loaded imagery of wild-cat pump-jack oil derricks (hand-painted in crude black oil from a paint tube), emphasizes a coupling of the characteristics of logo graphics along with the definitive sundown silhouettes. The most prominent metaphors suggested are one of capitalism and the other a hunch of content. Drawn out further are aspects appropriate to this artist’s on-site production... determination, drive, patience, risk-taking, investment, gambling, ambition, discovery, desolation, desperation, good fortune, untapped territory —and the root faith to arrive at a gusher rather than a duster.

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