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The series "Friends" attempts to mascot the abstract, with a combo-menu of the social and the tech, with a super-sizing of Pop. These bio-tech bouquets salute the Pacific Rim's majestic rule of the contemporary. Such Nerf-esque Tribbles have the pulse of individuality from the linked names of friends and attached anatomics (brains, hearts, livers, gall bladders). These carny trophy-mutants are compiled with elements organic (edible and hominal), atomic (rhomboids and geo), everyday (asprin, computer mice, bread bag closure, toilet paper roll), Asian (chow dog, ginger root, tiger penis, rhino horn) and Nintendo (Dixie Kong helicopter hair, 64 logo, 1/10th-of-life banana bunch). An electro-static fuzzy edge and color saturate are borne of the monitor, and hover these mongrel montages as eternal space junque. Similar to the quad-bouncer Sojourner joey Mars Rover's surface acquaintances Yogi and Scooby-Doo, these Evain-kid concert-potatoes await.
One can indeed embrace the social-tech without adapting a Unabomber-nerd status... I am not an Otaku.

— Exhibition statement, 1997


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