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Dog Chew Rag

“The basis for the ‘Dog Chew Rag’ carpet is a dog’s tug-of-war chew toy. The design comes full circle in that it resembles a Himalayan mandala appropriate to the weavers in Katmandu who painstakingly hand-knotted the wool carpet. In contrast to the luxuriousness of the finished piece, the design also suggests the look of classic and modest braided recycled rag rugs.”

The curatorial agency Golden Ruler in Italy organized a series of artists’ carpets for Equator Production. The artists designing for Equator include Heimo Zobernig, Joseph Kosuth, Liam Gillick, Ken Lum, Julião Sarmento, Emilia and Ilya Kabakov, Jonathan Monk, Emilio Prini, and myself. 

Equator Production has proudly earned the GoodWeave child-labor-free certification for its carpets.

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