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Japan Journal


Combining Pop-Povera structure with forms echoing Edo Period signage, these displays of private journal writings are decidedly restrictive in their generousity. Through the filter of translation, the calligraphic stylization, and the mystery of identity; a series of layers and speed-bumps guarantee misinterpretation and enable an exhibit of the personal. Often the calligraphic translations are either hidden behind folds in the white denim, and more often than not the actual source text when translated only makes sense to myself. The work is not partnered with the exhausted genre of "getting it" convenience. Titles at least hint at meaning— "...abdominal muscles." contains a 6-pack of Pabst Blue-Ribbon hidden Castellani-esque within its pillowcase-like structure. The full journal entry, "Throwing up is much easier when you have abdominal muscles." refers to one of my many Osaka Sunday morning post Explosion Club hang-overs. A bass-akwards reversal on "Japlish" bad English slogans is served with many P.o.t.A. entries.

— Exhibition statement, 1999

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