Early works

The early works announced a signage approach in both surface and communication, targeting Pop (initially flagging Indiana). Commercial products became the production's materialistic material, and the camera was demoted in status to an image generator —the accessibility of affordable Cibachromes caused photographs to be considered simply an image on paper. The re-photographic mode of Prince was sandwiched with the minimal systems of Ryman and Judd. Tampering and subterfuge lied beneath the exposed surfaces. Advertisment language translated the popular cultural moment, and the slick antithesis to personal expression contrasted the art-de-jour.


"Duane Reade" 1984

Color Cibachrome photographs, mirrored Plexiglas, hardware. 20" x 20" x 6 inches 51cm x 51cm x 15cm Collection of Ross Bleckner A microchip of consumer tampering: Butterfinger with Wet Ones, Maxwell House with Sheer Energy, Dry Idea with Maintain erectile creme, pears viewed thru a bar of Neutrogena soap, Pounce on Bounce, Close-Up toothpaste viewed far away, Anacin in toaster oven, Coast soap splashed with Orange Crush. An Op pattern of the Duane Reade logo is reflected with mirror Plexiglas