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Made In New York

For the first solo exhibition ("Made In New York" at Cable Gallery), the brand-new plexiglas wall works were divided into departments —Kodaks, Cliniques, Rubics, Household Sciences, and the Palladiums. The medium stressed an alternative to regular art suppliers, Canal Street Plastics and Kaminstein's Hardware were the go-to's. The products were purchased by and photographed by the artist personally in a hands-on approach. The photo surfaces were left bare similar to the experience of magazine pages and posted advertising, and the photographs themselves sliced into portions. The Kodaks explored re-photography and the notion of transparency. The Estee Lauders were positioned as a Macy's product, and the branding of Clinique products hijacked in a cross-promotion of competitor's perfumes and colognes. The Palladiums (titled after a must-go-to mega-nightclub of that period) in a point-of-display mode paired automobile headlights with seductively shiney new CD's (a new audio media at that time). The Household Sciences examined domestic product developments. The op Rubics confronted the viewer with a challenge to figure-out the work.

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