The "Untitled (Self Portrait)" voodoo dolls were hand-made from
the artist's bedsheets, and stuffed with his used socks. Each figure sported his hair, fingernails, blood, and passport photo; and accessories ranged from needles, pins, razor blades, match books, Bic lighters... as well as crystals, coins, garlic, copper on wrists/ankles, spinal fortification. Laborious fine embroidery is featured as a constant. Over 40 works were made over a period of 2 years. His destiny and fate is in the hands of the viewer. The spirit of the artist is invested. Possession is a trust. Several were stolen from the New York exhibition in 1995.

Self Portraits

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New York Times review

Review of by Holland Cotter of the exhibition at Jack Shainman Gallery Friday, January 20th, 1995