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Originally this production of works was made for a Montreal exhibition at a gallery building that also houses many of Canada's fur dealers. The Hudson Bay Company originated in Quebec in the 17th century (the world's first department store) and North America's fur traders exchanged their pelts for merchandise —commercial objects. "Schmozone" was then presented at the Josh Baer Gallery in New York, and then travelled to Stockholm and Italy.
Photographs were aggressively plastic laminated to animal skins —some pelts were common, others controlled/endangered; and all purchased from an aboriginal dealer. Many of the images spoke of environmental destruction (oil on otters, mercury on cougars, garbage on bears), eco-activism (spit on minks, ketchup on bobcats) and animals as food (meat as murder), while others simply projected a transparent metaphor (cantelope on antelope, tire tracks run-over racoon, dust-bunnies).


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