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The first "Traveling Exhibition" of luggage works arrived at Margo Leavin Gallery in Los Angeles in 1987. Three sets of mock designer suitcases were shown; "Gun" (featuring photos of weapons –a crossbow, pistol, and hunting knife), "Swat" (featuring photos of the French gendarme in Paris), and "Croc" (featuring photos of Cuban crocodiles).
Then in 1988 the "Traveling Exhibition" at Josh Baer Gallery in New York featured a Fall runway collection of various luggage sets and designer purses. A laundry bag sat in the corner. Monitors above played the "Luggage Sexy" survellance video of airport travellers carrying luggage (surreptitiously shot at their crotch level). The sculptures had further travel to destinations at venues in Germany, Milano, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Toronto, and Vancouver.
The luggage works were hand-crafted from color photographs laminate-mounted to canvas which were then either mounted to masonite, or stretched around plywood forms and staple-stiched in an artisinal fashion. Brass or stainless steel hardware was used as accents, and all luggage works came equipped with leather handles and brass identification tags. Each luggage tag listed name, title, date, and destination/venue.


Traveling Exhibitions

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