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Condominium construction sites at Toronto's harbourfront development were photographed, and then those projections rephotographed to exaggerate perspective and induce vertigo. Those images were printed as laminated murals and sliced into strips which were velcro'd to a balanced cinder-block construction.

Through use of scale, studio activity is seen as construction site, architectural model making as installation, architecture as sculpture, and exterior as interior. The notion of real estate speculative investment was a parallel of the yuppie theme explored in the artist's concurrent designer luggage production of that same period of time.
"Condo '88" was first erected in Geneva, then the World Financial Center in New York, Toronto's Power Plant, the 1989 Sao Paulo Bienal, Margo Leavin Gallery in
Los Angeles, and then Gstaad, and Cleveland. It was a portable formula and that strategy of medium was further explored in larger "Complex" installations afterwards.

The "Apartment" from 1991 featured multiple units, each brick wrapped with a section cut from a mural collage. Each of those units were available for the same purchase price as the rate of the artist's monthly apartment rental.


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