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The initial "Complex" development project was erected in Tokyo in 1991.
Photographs were taken of local construction sites, and then those projected images rephotographed to exaggerate perspective and to generate an active quality. These re-photos were printed as laminated murals  by Fugi Film in Tokyo then were sliced into strips to be velcro'd to the cement block balanced construction. The formation echoed the interior of the Spiral Garden venue, and spoke of a Futurist-style Tower Of Babel ambition. Through use of scale, studio activity is viewed as construction site... architectural model making as installation, architecture as sculpture, and exterior as interior. Navigation of the labirynth echoed urban detour, and the installation's pedestrians became part of a tableau for the Spiral Cafe seated guests.

The portable formula first arrived at with the earlier "Condo '88" was applied to the Tokyo project, and those photo-strips used afterwards for different installations erected in Torino and Toronto. A floor-plan concept was introduced based on french curves.
The next "Complex" project developed by Via Farina in Milano, featured a massive collage of images quilted together of Milanese construction sites. These 35mm transparencies were Scotch taped together, and then printed
as murals to be sliced. The Milan project sported Vibrapac cinder blocks in five colors, alluding to Lego blocks (the artist has always stated that Lego was his formative introduction to art-making).
For the subsequent "Complex" projects erected in New York and Winnipeg,
a combo of both sets of photo-strips was available for use, and resulted in massive and ambitious installations.

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